We only have one standard offer for the digital market:
1 track: 10€
2 tracks: 18€
3 tracks: 25€
For more tracks, for EPs with more than 3 tracks and for full albums, we’ll study your personal case and we’ll give you a custom budget. What does that mean? We want to know if your music is your first EP, the second, the third etc. If it is a demo for a label, we want to know the label. We want to know if you are aiming for the digital market or both vinyl/cd and digital. We want to know if you are coming from a bad experience with another mastering studio, we know all the markets and we’ll give you the best option!

Our standard offer is:
1 track: 30€
2 tracks: 55€
3 tracks: 80€
We’ll study your personal case too, as we do for the digital market.

Yes, we can also mix your tracks. This process is much more involved and time-consuming.
We can introduce new aspects into your music, track by track, and prepare a really fine bounce for the next step, the mastering.
The price for each mixed track is 35€.

We can do all the work for you. We can mix and master your tracks and we would strongly recommend this option. Don’t hesitate to ask us for a custom budget. We’ll be pleased to assist you.


Send Your Tracks With:
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